Last Thursday our Project Committee held its first team meeting of the semester. It featured presentations by our President, Zineb Bouizy; Project Manager, Frank Poma; and the head of our new International Project Research Team, Ashita Patel.

Since the key to this meeting was relaying the information that we got from Prof. Pilla during our meeting with him two weeks ago, Frank discussed the recent progression of our South Dakota project. As we begin this semester, there are many new opportunities for our members to get involved in the early stages of the community center’s development. In order for this project to be a success, we need a strong and dedicated design team.  To facilitate this, we will be partnering with the School of Architecture to hold seminars for anyone who wishes to learn the architectural design software Revit.

Next Thursday, our team will be going back to meet with DR PILLA in order to get a better idea of the tasks that we need to complete during the pre-design phase. Until then, Frank, Zineb, and Darlenis would like to meet with anyone who is interested in the South Dakota project individually to discuss how they would like to contribute to it throughout its duration.

Meanwhile, Ashita has been working with Jian and Rodrigo to reach out to potential leads for a new international project to adopt. At the meeting she introduced the new International Project Research committee for anyone interested in working with her to find a potential environmental project outside of the United States. Since this is the first time in EWB-CCNY history that we have looked to take on more than one project at a time, this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get more involved with EWB. If you are interested, you may reach out to Ashita, Jian, or Rodrigo.