Engineers Without Borders USA started with the goal of connecting a developing community that has a specific infrastructure need to engineers who can partner with the community to design a sustainable solution. Once EWB-USA was incorporated in 2002, this model of engineering students partnering with developing communities resonated in the engineering and university communities and EWB-USA chapters began expanding across the United States. EWB-USA has grown from a handful of passionate individuals to an organization of more than 15,900 members. The improvements have affected more than 2.5 million lives around the world. EWB-USA does this by implementing sustainable engineering projects, while involving and training internationally responsible students in engineering and several other disciplines. The projects include building institutions, footbridges, water treatment systems, and water distribution systems, many of the things we take for granted. In the world’s toughest places, however, communities count on us to bring them the necessities of life. Each project builds the foundation for a community to thrive for years to come.